We believe that if a professional person feels too busy or unfocused to take a course, it only means that the course is not properly designed for them. We’d like to take responsibility for the whole learning experience and prepare something appropriate for the real audience.

Nwdijk training e-learning courses are designed based on three principles:

  •   The course should not be boring

Because people don’t learn well under torture!

  •   The course should provide something practical

Because that’s how the learner can generate benefits

  •   The course should properly prepare the candidate for the certification

Because certificates help improve the credibility of the organization and seriousness of the learners

Scrum Product Owner

Accredited eLearning Course

What is the PSPO certification?

PSPO (Professional Scrum Product Owner™) is a certification from Scrum.org, one of the primary organizations for Scrum, founded by one of the co-founders of Scrum.

The PSPO exam is about the core Scrum framework from the Product Owner perspective, plus a few common Agile practices and techniques that are used by Product Owners.

You can take eLearning courses, classroom courses, or self-study to prepare for it. Then you can buy an exam voucher from Scrum.org and take the exam online.

Is this the right program for me?

Almost all questions in the PSM (Professional Scrum Master) exam may appear in the PSPO exam, which covers about 70% of the PSPO questions. In other words, a person who can pass the PSPO exam should be able to pass the PSM exam too. As a result, if you’re not PSM certified, it would be a good idea to start with PSM and then proceed to PSPO, unless you’re on a tight budget.

How can I learn more about PSPO before making my decision?

You can start taking our eLearning course and see if the topic is interesting to you. The first 30% of the course is free.

This PSPO exam preparation course

Our eLearning course on Scrum Product Ownership is fully aligned with the latest version of the PSPO exam and the Scrum Guide.

The course is equivalent to a 2-day classroom course (15 PDUs) and consists of 32 lessons. The lessons are kept short and relatively independent, so that busy professionals can easily take and finish the course with as little time as 15 minutes per day. Regardless, it’s self-paced, and you can decide how quickly or slowly you want to take the course without putting too much pressure on yourself. There are also Integrated Flashcards throughout the course.

This course is presented by By Frank Turley.

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This is probably the only eLearning course that is fully aligned with Scrum.org’s perspective on product ownership.

Please note that we’re not affiliated with Scrum.org.

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