We believe that if a professional person feels too busy or unfocused to take a course, it only means that the course is not properly designed for them. We’d like to take responsibility for the whole learning experience and prepare something appropriate for the real audience.

Nwdijk training e-learning courses are designed based on three principles:

  •   The course should not be boring

Because people don’t learn well under torture!

  •   The course should provide something practical

Because that’s how the learner can generate benefits

  •   The course should properly prepare the candidate for the certification

Because certificates help improve the credibility of the organization and seriousness of the learners

Scrum Master

Accredited eLearning Course

Scrum Master Level™ 1 (PSM1) from scrum.org is one of the most famous and credible Agile/Scrum certifications worldwide. It is also well known for being low-cost, and hard to pass. We’ve tried to keep our certification preparation program as low cost as possible, yet make it easier for you to pass the exam, besides learning a lot about Agile and Scrum. After all, not everything is about being certified.

The PSM1 exam is online and you can take it from work or home, anywhere in the world.

Note: content on our site is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Scrum.org.

Taking the exam online

  • You do not need to attend a classroom training to take the exam. The exams just costs $150 and you can buy the exam direct from Scrum.org.
  • Note: You have to get 85% of higher to pass the exam.

Our course bundle 

This bundle provides you with everything you need to learn the Scrum framework, and prepare for the PSM1 exam.

This course bundle includes:

  • The PSM1™  Exam Preparation Online Course (1 year access): it’s a simple, short eLearning course focused on the core framework, as defined in the PSM I exam syllabus; with a total video length of 160 minutes.
  • The PSM1™  Preparation Practice Exams (1 year access): it’s a package of 3 full PSM I sample exams (240 questions), with complete explanation for each question that help you learn more, and fill in the gaps.
  • The Professional Scrum Master Training Manual (ebook and audiobook)
  • This package is the best way you can increase your chances of passing the exam in your first try. However, it’s mainly based on helping you learn the concept, instead of just passing the exam without gaining any practical knowledge.

Not Included

  • The exam: you should pay for and schedule your exam with Scrum.org
  • The exam simulator: our PSM1 exam simulator is a separate product, available here.

This course helps the learner understand the core of Scrum framework with all its practical considerations. Candidates would be prepared to take the PSM1™  exam from Scrum.org.

New: Now you can enable English subtitles in the videos. Soon there will be subtitles in other languages too.

This course is presented by By Frank Turley.

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Please note that we’re not affiliated with Scrum.org.


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